FREE SHIPPING * AVAILABLE (*Order value above €100)

FREE SHIPPING * AVAILABLE (*Order value above €100)

LE CLUB 2022

Throughout the last two years, Le Club has continued to grow with 1000+ Members joining the program each year.

This has been fantastic for our brand and it has been even more exciting to see Le Club members connecting in person or virtually.

At the same time, 1000+ Le Club members brings its own challenges.

Ultimately, our vision for Le Club is to create a platform which brings our brand close to our community and our community close to our brand.

In an attempt to create a closer connection with our community and to provide more support to members we’re introducing a tiered approach to our Le Club 2022 membership, these are:


We’re welcoming up to 5 male / 2 female athletes to join our Elite team for 2022.

Our Elite team will represent UGLOW domestically and internationally with the capacity to regularly compete for top 10 and podium places.

Elite members will receive a 1000 Euro voucher to spend on UGLOW apparel with additional cash bonuses available for victories at respective national championships.

If you’re fighting for the podium with elite level athletes then this is the level for you.


We’ve got space for up to 10 male / 5 female athletes to join our Race team.

You’ll be competitive and committed with a strong affiliation to our brand both during training and on race day.

To make sure you’re kitted out to compete, we’ll provide all Race members with: x1 U-Rain 3.1 Jacket, x2 Super Light T-Shirts, x2 pairs of Speed Aero Shorts, x2 pairs of Grip Socks and x2 Mesh Caps.

Additional vouchers will also be awarded for podium results at regional races.


Our Le Club level of membership remains very similar to 2021, but we’re limiting membership to 80 males and 80 females.

You’re a passionate UGLOW fan who will spread our brand message amongst your sporting community.

In return, Le Club members will receive a complimentary Le Club 2022 Super Light T-Shirt + short custom( for LE CLUB only) and a minimum of 40% off throughout the year.


If you’ve supported us in the past then we’ll continue to support you – that’s what families are for, right?

UGLOW Family brings together Le Club 2020 and Le Club 2021 members into a central mailing list.

Throughout the year, we’ll shoot you exclusive offers.


What does this mean for you as a Le Club 2021 member? On 16th September you will be invited to submit an application to apply for either of the four levels of Le Club 2022 membership. All applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be notified shortly after.

We appreciate that you might still have some questions about how Le Club 2022 will work and what this means for you. To help answer those questions please check our FAQs section below, we’ll also post these FAQs in the Le Club 2021 Facebook group.

We are really excited to implement this change and we look forward to seeing Le Club connect, grow and celebrate together throughout 2022 in this new format. 

As always, we’ll continue to create our own path. 

I hope you will join us.

Romain Jean De Dieu
CEO & Founder UGLOW Sport


Yes please. We encourage everyone to submit an application form so that we can take a look at your profile. Please note that the Elite, Race and Le Club levels will have limited membership numbers for 2022. If you don’t apply we’ll automatically add you to the UGLOW Family so that we stay in touch.

Yes. All Le Club 2022 Members will receive a complimentary Super Light T-Shirt and a pair of Speed Aero Shorts. These products will be exclusive to Le Club. Please note that this does not apply to UGLOW Family members.

The situation we’re all faced with has made this difficult throughout 2020 and 2021, but we’re hoping to meet as many of you as possible at some events in Europe in 2022.

If you’re applying for the Elite and Race levels of Le Club then we do ask for you to be a competitive athlete with race results which demonstrate this. Le Club 2022, however, is open all skill levels and ability…send us your application! And, you can still join our UGLOW Family if Elite, Race and Le Club are not the right options for you.

We ask Elite and Race members to resist affiliating themselves with other competing apparel brands, but encourage you to connect with shoe, nutrition and hydration pack brands. Le Club members are welcome to affiliate with other apparel brands.

As your order will already be discounted we are not able to apply free international shipping as well. Elite and Race members will have complimentary international shipping applied to their first order only.

Not quite. Our Elite and Race members will take on more of an Ambassador role, but Le Club 2022 members and UGLOW Family members are our #1 fans and we are theirs. We don’t ask for any more than that.

Different benefits apply to specific levels of membership. All levels, however, will benefit from early access to collection releases and exclusive discounts storewide. You’ll also become part of our global network.

We encourage you to tell your community about our brand, but we won’t be providing you with a incentive code for you to share. The best way to include your friends is to ask them to become a member of Le Club 2022 or UGLOW FAMILY.

We’re aiming to respond to all applications within 7 days.

All successful applicants will be provide with a unique member code which unlocks discounts via our online store. We ask all members to activate their membership by purchasing a minimum of one items of any value within two weeks of becoming a member, and to enter your ID in order to activate it with this first purchase.

Please email